This is a 6 week childbirth education series that prepares you and your growing family for the next weeks of pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum!  

Six Week Hospital Birth Course

Birth Boot Camp Hospital Course

Deposit: $100  Balance: $150

Location: The Nest on May

Ideal to begin class around week 30 of pregnancy 

Sept. 10 - Oct. 15

6:30-8pm, Thursdays

Perfect for Nov - Jan due dates


You will learn information specific to your hospital birth experience. Topics include:

  • Hospital Policies Which Will Likely Affect Your Birth

  • Testing:  GBS, Ultrasound, and Vaginal Exams and Your Birth

  • Due Dates:  When, Why & How Induction Works 

  • Comfort measure: Neck & Shoulder Massage

  • Epidurals & Endorphins:  From Stirrups to natural birth and how we got here

  • Common Sense Tips for Reducing Pain

  • Doulas:  Everything You Need to Know

  • Relaxation: Releasing Tension During Labor & Pregnancy

  • Getting Started:  Pre and Early Labor  

  • Getting Serious:  Active Labor and Transition

  • What Do Contractions Feel Like? Is this It? What now?

  • Top 10 Tools for Dad 

  • The Importance of Communication: Learning to Talk and Listen in Labor

  • Pushing:  How You and Your Baby Work Together

  • Pushing Positions:  What You Need to Know Beforehand

  • Special Considerations:  Feeling Safe During Pushing

  • Third Stage:  Delivery of the Placenta

  • Reasons for a Cesarean:  Making it a Good Experience

  • Variations of Labor:  Handling Situations that May Arise

  • Your Birth Plan:  A Communication Tool

  • Newborn Procedures:  Creating a Postpartum Plan

  • Relaxation

  • Comfort measures for Hospital Birth

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