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You will learn information specific to your hospital birth experience. Topics include:

  • Hospital Policies Which Will Likely Affect Your Birth

  • Testing:  GBS, Ultrasound, and Vaginal Exams and Your Birth

  • Due Dates:  When, Why & How Induction Works 

  • Comfort measure: Neck & Shoulder Massage

  • Epidurals & Endorphins:  From Stirrups to natural birth and how we got here

  • Common Sense Tips for Reducing Pain

  • Doulas:  Everything You Need to Know

  • Relaxation: Releasing Tension During Labor & Pregnancy

  • Getting Started:  Pre and Early Labor  

  • Getting Serious:  Active Labor and Transition

  • What Do Contractions Feel Like? Is this It? What now?

  • Top 10 Tools for Dad 

  • The Importance of Communication: Learning to Talk and Listen in Labor

  • Pushing:  How You and Your Baby Work Together

  • Pushing Positions:  What You Need to Know Beforehand

  • Special Considerations:  Feeling Safe During Pushing

  • Third Stage:  Delivery of the Placenta

  • Reasons for a Cesarean:  Making it a Good Experience

  • Variations of Labor:  Handling Situations that May Arise

  • Your Birth Plan:  A Communication Tool

  • Newborn Procedures:  Creating a Postpartum Plan

  • Relaxation

  • Comfort measures for Hospital Birth

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