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Hi there, I'm Kaitlin! I'm a single mama who lives on coffee and Bravo tv. I've got four sweet boys who keep my life at a constant state of 1. Love, and 2. Insanity. I had my first son, Greyson, right before my last semester of college, and obtained my teaching degree when he was 11 months old. I didn't feel ready to leave Greyson to take on a teaching job at the time, so I decided to stay home a while longer. I loved being home with him, but honestly, I needed fulfillment. I have always had a passion for pregnancy and childbirth, and decided that this would be the perfect thing to fill this void in my life. I decided to become a doula; someone who is, essentially, a pregnant mama's best friend. This was, perhaps, one of the best decisions I have ever made. Being alongside a family during their pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum is one of the greatest honors in the world, and I am beyond thankful for anyone who invites me into such a sacred space and time in their lives. Shortly after starting my doula journey, I found out I was pregnant with little Oliver James. After everything I learned about birth through becoming a doula, I applied all of that knowledge to my birth and had the most incredible home birth after cesarean ever. You can read all about Oliver's birth story on the home page. After that experience, I was a changed woman, mother, and doula, and my passion for birth is even more present now than ever. I went on to have my 2nd VBAC at home in December of 2018 with the happiest kid on the planet, Jack Aaron, and my 3rd in May of 2022, to sweet Noah Graham. I'm also a  certified Birth Boot Camp instructor and absolutely love to be able to teach couples all about the last few weeks of pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond through this material. I truly believe in the natural process of birth and that just as your body knew how to grow this baby, it knows how to birth this baby as well. As your doula, I am here for you; No matter where you birth, no matter how you birth; medicated or unmedicated, hospital or home, I support you with love and respect. I cannot wait to meet your family and help you welcome this new sweetheart into the world. 

- Kaitlin Burton

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